Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present their Annual Awards to worthy individuals and businesses who have impacted our area in 2021. The award recipients were chosen after being nominated by Chamber members. These awards will be officially presented at the Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at Lu Mil Vineyard on Thursday, March 10.

OUTSTANDING CHAMBER MEMBER OF THE YEAR: The Outstanding Chamber Member of the Year is given to a Member organization or business that has shown exceptional service and dedication throughout the prior year. The Award recipient may be celebrating a milestone, have accomplished remarkable achievements, and overcome tremendous obstacles. The Award recipient embodies the values of the Chamber and is involved in the overall success of the Chamber and our Community.


As a minority-owned business, this Christian Bookstore has been in operation in the Central Business District of Elizabethtown for 34 years. Owner Mildred Jackson is beloved by her surrounding downtown businesses, who speak highly of her kindness to everyone. Despite the struggles caused by COVID in the last two years, she has kept the bookstore open and serving the public. With a smiling attitude and strong faith, Miss Mildred is a great example of customer service and hospitality that helps Elizabethtown’s Downtown area maintain its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

OUTSTANDING SMALL BUSINESSPERSON AWARD : The Outstanding Small Business Award is given to an individual(s) who represents a Chamber Member. The individual receiving this award is invested in the success of the Chamber, local businesses, and the community. 


Dean Hilton has been one of the leaders of the most successful real estate agencies in Bladen County. As a small business owner, he recognized the potential of this county, especially in the areas of agriculture and tourism by diversifying into many other businesses. These efforts have increased the tax base and provided hundreds of jobs for our area. In 2020 and 2021, in the middle of a pandemic, he spearheaded the transformation of Goldston's Beach at White Lake. These upgrades will benefit Goldston's Beach and the other businesses at White Lake as well as many businesses and organizations in Bladen County

CARING PERSON AWARD: The Caring Person Award is given to an individual (who may or may not be a Chamber Member) for meritorious service to the community.  This award is presented to the individual who understands and demonstrates how the public, business community, and government work together to provide service to the community.  The individual receiving this award has played an important and sustained role in numerous community activities, often behind the scenes.   He/she may have also received prestigious awards for the various activities in which he/she has been involved. This individual has given not only his/her time to these activities, but also donated needed resources. 


Ann Warner has served as the Field Director since the inception of Bladen We Care 34 years ago. For all those years, she has been on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to help the people in Bladen County. When sick herself this past year, she continued to answer her calls because of how vital BWC can be to people in need in our community. While helping an average of over 200 people annually, she corresponds with individuals, doctors, pharmacist, school system and health department personnel to get help for as many people as possible. Miss Ann has done so with the upmost discretion and integrity. She continues to be a voice for others behind the scenes and blessing to many.

HONORARY LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP AWARD: The Honorary Lifetime Membership award was established to recognize and to give the highest regards to an individual who has served the Chamber in an outstanding and on-going manner.  The award is presented to an individual who has been a model Chamber member, a caring businessperson, an active community participant, and an all-around good citizen.  The award recipient will have demonstrated the Golden Rule in his/her endeavors 


As both the Mayor of Elizabethtown and one of the owners of Campbell Oil, Sylvia Campbell’s love for Elizabethtown, White Lake and Bladen County are evident in everything she does. She has dedicated 36 years of service to the improvement and betterment of life in Elizabethtown first on the Planning Board, then the Town Council and for the last 15 years as Mayor. The Campbell family businesses are active in all aspects of economic and community development while supporting efforts of the Chamber of Commerce. They encourage their employees to volunteer not only for the Chamber but for other worthwhile organizations.

LEGACY AWARD: This new award recognizes a person who through the course of their employment and their day-to-day job, has supported the efforts and initiatives of the Chamber. They have taken an active leadership role and provided valuable counsel in important business development matters. They are honored for their level of collaboration. 


Brenda Clark served 24 years as Town Administrator for the Town of White Lake. During that time, she represented the Mayor and Town Council as an ex-officio member on the Chamber Board of Directors. She often assisted the Chamber Executive Director in matters that pertained to White Lake and helped in the coordination of the White Lake Water Festival and Fourth of July Fireworks.

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